Register A Wholesaler

A wholesaler is a new feature added after the update of our website. It is designed to serve smaller volumes of commercial users. You can get factory prices and some special services

Register a wholesaler

What is a wholesaler?

Wholesaler, a new feature added after our website update. It is designed to serve commercial buyers who purchase in small quantities.

As a manufacturer, we have a lot of orders from hydraulic equipment manufacturers for ancillary production. Therefore, for small quantity orders, there is a long lead time from receipt of the order to delivery. Also, small-batch production will make the cost higher, so that the price of small customers increases. In order to solve these problems, we pre-produce some regular products in stock according to the existing delivery quantity. This allows us to achieve mass production and reduce costs. Wholesalers can then get quick couplings delivered faster and at a cost price that is comparable to high-volume production.

Register A wholesaler

    • To register for a wholesaler account, we need to know that you are a business customer. So you need to fill in your information. We will open a wholesaler account for you according to your situation.
    • All forms marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
    • If you already have a customer account, you can ask us to upgrade your existing account to a wholesaler account.
    • If you don’t have an account, you need to fill in your account name and email address, and we will register an account for you. When the wholesaler account application is approved, we will send an email with the account information and password to your email address. You need to change the password yourself.
    • You can help us understand your business model by describing your business type. to open a wholesaler account. At the same time, you can give us your needs and help us to improve our services.
    • or you can go to this page to register by filling the registration form directly, they also will need to be approved from your information.