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Agricultural Quick Couplings

Agricultural quick coupling devices are a type of agricultural equipment that allows for quick and easy connection of implements to a tractor. This is accomplished by the use of one-piece couplings, meaning there is no need for bolts or nuts with agricultural quick coupling devices. These types of couplings are said to be more durable than other types because they have fewer pieces that can break and they also offer more ground clearance. Agricultural quick coupling devices can be used in many different agricultural tasks and they are often used in corn harvesting as well as hay cutting tasks.

The hydraulic quick couplings used on agricultural machinery are usually of the ISO 7241 A series, and they also comply with the ISO 5675 standard. In Europe, push-pull type hydraulic quick couplings are more popular on agricultural machines. This is because the push-pull coupling can be pushed indirectly when connected. It is not necessary to pull back the sleeve on the female body. Quick-release couplings for agricultural machinery need to be strong for a certain period of time, so they need to be strong, durable, and inexpensive. Therefore, the ISO A series is the best choice.

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