Countries and regions supported shipping.

We support most countries and regions, click to see the list. If your country or region is not listed, contact us.

Shipping Method

The shipping method varies from country to country, we will choose the cheaper and safer shipping method. You can see 1-2 different shipping methods and shipping prices on the Cart page when you choose to calculate the shipping cost.

UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. are faster, but shipping costs are more expensive. The shipping time is 3-8 days. There are also some ways, which are air freight + local courier delivery in the destination country, which takes about 5-10 days to deliver.

Available shipping methods:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • DPEX
  • Kerry
  • EMS

and other shipping methods for some special countries and regions.

Process Time

it will take us 24 hours processing time and then your order will be shipped to the carrier warehouse. We usually update the tracking number within 48 hours.

Ship from China warehouse.

United States: business days(8-12)
Germany: business days(6-10)
United Kingdom: business days(5-8)

Canada: business days(6-10)
Japan: business days(5-7)
Other Countries of Europe: business days(6-12)

Please allow 5-12 business days for your shipment to arrive at your address.

We will ship from our factory directly, if you are in the US, you need quick couplings immediately, you can try to buy the quick couplings from our Amazon store. And the item will be shopped from the Amazon FBA warehouse. it will be 2-4 days to receive it.

Shipping Region List

Country or RegionShipping methodRegion
Hong Kong, ChinaKerry 6-10 daysChina
Macao, ChinaUPS 5-8 DaysChina
Taiwan, ChinaFedEx 5-9 daysChina
AfghanistanUPS 5-8 DaysSouth-Central Asia
AlbaniaDHL 5-9 daysBalkan Peninsula
AlgeriaFedEx 5-9 daysNorthern Africa
AndorraDHL 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
AngolaFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Africa
Antigua and BarbudaDHL 5-9 daysLeeward Islands, Caribbean
ArgentinaUPS 5-8 DaysSouthern South America
ArmeniaFedEx 5-9 daysWestern Asia
AustraliaKerry 6-10 DaysAustralia/Oceania
AustriaDPD 10-15 daysWestern Europe
AzerbaijanDHL 5-9 daysCaucasus, Western Asia
BahrainARAMEX 9-16 daysArabian Peninsula, Middle East
BangladeshARAMEX 9-16 daysSouth-Central Asia
BarbadosFedEx 6-10 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Belarus- cannot ship nowEastern Europe
BelgiumDPD 10-15 daysWestern Europe
BelizeDHL 5-9 daysCentral America
BeninFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
BhutanUPS 5-8 DaysSouth-Central Asia
BoliviaDHL 5-9 daysCentral South America
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
BotswanaFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Africa
BrazilEMS 20-30 Days / FAREX 5-9 daysCentral Eastern South America
BruneiDHL 5-9 daysSoutheast Asia
BulgariaDHL 5-9 daysBalkan, Eastern Europe
Burkina FasoFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
BurundiFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa, African Great Lakes
Cape VerdeDHL 5-9 daysWest Africa
CambodiaDPEX 9-16 daysSouth-East Asia
CameroonFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Africa
CanadaUPS 5-8 DaysNorth America
Central African RepublicUPS 5-8 DaysCentral Africa
ChadEMS 20-45 days / DHL 5-8 daysCentral Africa
Channel Islandsno ship methodSoutheast Asia
ChileUPS 5-8 DaysWestern South America
Chinafree shippingEastern Asia
ColombiaUPS 5-8 DaysNorth West South America
ComorosDHL 5-9 daysEastern Africa
CongoFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Africa
Costa RicaDHL 5-9 daysCentral America
cote d'ivoireFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
CroatiaDPD 10-15 daysBalkan Peninsula, Southern Europe
Cubacontact usGreater Antilles, Caribbean
CyprusARAMEX 9-16 daysMediterranean, Western Asia
Czech RepublicDPD 10-15 daysEastern Europe
DenmarkDPD 10-15 daysNorthern Europe
DjiboutiFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
DominicaFedEx 6-10 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Dominican RepublicDHL 5-9 daysGreater Antilles, Caribbean
DR CongoFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Africa
EcuadorFedEx 6-10 daysNorth West South America
Egyptcontact usAfrica, Middle East
El SalvadorDHL 5-9 daysCentral America
Equatorial GuineaDHL 5-9 daysCentral Africa
EritreaFedEx 7-10 daysEastern Africa
EstoniaDPD 10-15 daysNorthern Europe
EswatiniFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Africa
EthiopiaFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
Faroe islandsFedEx 5-9 daysNorthern Europe
FinlandDweex 6-10 daysNorthern Europe
FijiDHL 5-9 daysMelanesia, Oceania
FranceDweex 6-10 daysWestern Europe
French Guianano ship methodNorthern South America
GabonFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Africa
GambiaFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
GeorgiaFedEx 5-9 daysCaucasus
GermanyDPD 10-15 daysWestern Europe
GhanaARAMEX 9-16 daysWest Africa
GibraltarDHL 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
GreeceDweex 6-10 daysSouthern Europe
GrenadaDHL 5-9 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
GuatemalaDHL 5-9 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
GuineaFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
Guinea-BissauUPS 5-8 DaysWest Africa
GuyanaFedEx 6-10 daysNorth Eastern South America
HaitiDHL 5-9 daysGreater Antilles, Caribbean
HondurasDHL 5-9 daysCentral America
HungaryDPD 10-15 daysEastern Europe
IcelandFedEx 5-9 daysNorthern Europe
IndiaARAMEX 9-16 daysSouth-Central Asia
IndonesiaARAMEX 9-16 daysMaritime South-East Asia
IranContact usSouth-Central Asia
IraqFedEx 5-9 daysMiddle East, Western Asia
IrelandDHL 10-15 daysNorthern Europe
Isle of Manno shipping methods
IsraelARAMEX 9-16 daysMiddle East, Western Asia
ItalyDPD 10-15 daysSouthern Europe
JamaicaDHL 5-9 daysGreater Antilles, Caribbean
JapanDweex 5-9 daysEastern Asia
JordanARAMEX 9-16 daysMiddle East, Western Asia
KazakhstanFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Asia
KenyaARAMEX 9-16 daysEastern Africa
KuwaitARAMEX 9-16 daysMiddle East, Western Asia
KyrgyzstanFedEx 5-9 daysCentral Asia
LaosDHL 5-9 daysSouth-East Asia
LatviaDPD 10-15 daysNorthern Europe
LebanonARAMEX 9-16 daysMiddle East, Western Asia
LesothoDHL 5-9 daysSouthern Africa
LiberiaFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
LibyaFedEx 5-9 daysNorthern Africa
LiechtensteinFedEx 5-9 daysWestern Europe
LithuaniaDPD 10-15 daysNorthern Europe
LuxembourgDPD 10-15 daysWestern Europe
MadagascarFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
MalawiFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
MalaysiaKerry 6-10 daysSoutheast Asia
MaldivesFedEx 5-9 daysSouth-Central Asia
MaliFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
MaltaFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
MauritaniaFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
MauritiusARAMEX 9-16 daysEastern Africa
MayotteUPS 5-8 DaysEastern Africa
MexicoUPS 5-8 DaysNorth America
MoldovaDHL 5-9 daysEastern Europe
MonacoDHL 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
MongoliaUPS 5-8 DaysEastern Asia
MontenegroFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
MoroccoARAMEX 9-16 daysNorthern Africa
MozambiqueFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
Myanmarno shipping methodSoutheast Asia
NamibiaFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Africa
NepalUPS 5-8 DaysSouth-Central Asia
NetherlandsDPD 10-15 daysWestern Europe
NicaraguaDHL 5-9 daysCentral America
NigerFedEx 5-9 daysWest Africa
NigeriaARAMEX 9-16 daysWest Africa
North Koreano shipping methodEastern Asia
North MacedoniaFedEx 5-9 daysBalkan Peninsula, Southern Europe
NorwayDHL 5-9 daysNorthern Europe
OmanARAMEX 9-16 daysMiddle East
PakistanARAMEX 9-16 daysSouth-Central Asia
PanamaUPS 5-8 DaysCentral America
ParaguayUPS 5-8 DaysCentral South America
PeruUPS 5-8 DaysWestern South America
PhilippinesKerry 6-10 daysSoutheast Asia
PolandDPD 10-15 daysEastern Europe
PortugalDPD 10-15 daysSouthern Europe
QatarARAMEX 9-16 daysArabian Peninsula, Middle East
Réunionno shipping methodEastern Africa
RomaniaFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Europe
RussiaDweex 25-30 days / EMS 20-30 DaysEastern Europe - Northern Asia
RwandaFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa, African Great Lakes
Saint HelenaDHL 5-9 daysAtlantic Islands
Saint Kitts and NevisFedEx 6-10 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Saint LuciaFedEx 6-10 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesDHL 5-9 daysLesser Antilles, Caribbean
San MarinoDHL 5-9 daysSouthern Europe within Italy
Sao Tome & Principeno shipping methodCentral Africa
Saudi ArabiaARAMEX 9-16 daysArabian Peninsula, Middle East
SenegalDHL 5-9 daysWest Africa
SerbiaFedEx 5-9 daysSouthern Europe
SeychellesFedEx 5-9 daysEastern Africa
Sierra LeoneDHL 5-9 daysWest Africa
SingaporeKerry 6-10 daysSoutheast Asia
SlovakiaDPD 10-15 daysEastern Europe
SloveniaDPD 10-15 daysSouthern Europe
Somaliano shipping methodEastern Africa
South AfricaARAMEX 9-16 daysSouthern Africa
South KoreaDweex 5-9 daysEastern Asia
South Sudanno shipping methodEast-Central Africa
SpainDweex 6-10 daysSouthern Europe
Sri LankaDPEX 9-16 daysSouth-Central Asia
State of PalestineFedEx 5-9 daysWestern Asia
Sudanno shipping methodNorthern Africa
SurinameFedEx 6-10 daysNorth-Eastern South America
SwedenDweex 6-10 daysNorthern Europe
SwitzerlandUPS 5-8 DaysWestern Europe
Syriano shipping methodMiddle East, Western Asia
Tajikistanno shipping methodCentral Asia
TanzaniaARAMEX 9-16 daysEastern Africa
ThailandKerry 6-10 daysSouth-East Asia
The BahamasDHL 5-9 daysAtlantic Ocean
Timor-LesteUPS 5-8 DaysMaritime South-East Asia
TogoFedEx 6-10 daysWest Africa
Trinidad and TobagoDHL 5-9 daysNorthern South America, Caribbean
TunisiaFedEx 5-9 daysNorthern Africa
TurkeyUPS 5-8 DaysSoutheastern Europe, Western Asia
TurkmenistanUPS 9-12 DaysCentral Asia
UgandaDHL 5-9 daysEastern Africa
Ukraineno shipping methodEastern Europe
United Arab EmiratesARAMEX 9-16 daysArabian Peninsula, Middle East
United KingdomDweex 6-10 daysNorthern Europe
United States ContinentalFAREX 6-10 daysNorth America
united states minor outlying islandsUPS 5-8 days
UruguayUPS 5-8 daysCentral East South America
UzbekistanFedEx 6-10 daysCentral Asia
VenezuelaUPS 5-8 daysNorthern South America
VietnamKerry 6-10 daysSouth-East Asia
Western Saharano shipping methodNorthern Africa
Yemenno shipping methodArabian Peninsula, Middle East
ZambiaFedEx 6-10 daysEastern Africa
ZimbabweFedEx 6-10 daysEastern Africa

You can click here to see the specific shipping costs per country. The shipping methods in the table are for reference only, we choose to use the actual carrier according to the actual situation. The shipping time will not exceed 15 days at most. 

  • Spain: The value of private imports must not exceed 45 euros for 5 kg (11 lbs), so when a Spanish customer places an order, you will be contacted by our customer service. We will arrange the shipment only when the shipping requirements are met. Corporate buyers need to have an import license.
  • Brazil, Chile, and Argentina need to provide the recipient’s tax number.
  • Australia: Private imports must clear customs themselves, so be prepared. It is better to have a company to import the goods more efficiently.
  • Brazil: higher tariffs, which can approach 300% of the declared amount for almost every shipment.
  • Brazil: Tariffs are high, almost every shipment will be close to 300% of the declared amount; completely outside of our control. We are sorry, but there are some cases where we cannot list the full cost of your purchase. You will have to deal with your own customs duties.