Free Shipping in the contiguous United States

We currently building 2 warehouse with cooperators, the warehouses are in KY and CA, and we also have stocks in Amazon FBA warehouse, it can help us statisfy our customers in U.S. We will ship the products to you to choose a warehouse that closed to you.

Warehouse in U.S

We have 2 warehouse in U.S that is the 3rd party warehouse supplier, we ship products from this 2 warehouse would take 3-5 days by Fedex or UPS, when you place an order, we will send shipping info to the warehouse and the products will be shipped immediately. And then the shipping tracking information will be updated to your email address.

18501 Arenth Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

41 Logistics Blvd, Suite A-2, Walton, KY 41094

Amazon FBA Warehouse

We also sell our products on, Amazon supply amazing servces NOT just a e-commerce platform but excellent shipping service. But the fee is also amazing. fortunately, Amazon supply a service named amazon multi channel fulfillment, we can ship the goods directly from the Amazon FBA warehouse with this service, if you buy from our website. That can save our customers about 5-10% price. If you buy our products on our website, it is possible we will ship from Amazon warehouse. We will update the shipping information by 1-2 days, because Amazon usually will update the shipping info to us within 1-2 days.

Shipping Rate From China

If the product is out of stock in U.S warehouse, we will update the shipping class on our website, it will change to shipping from China, if you are urgent, you can place an order then we will from our factory directly with in 1-2 days (because of weekend), we will charge you the shipping cost from China. You can check it on the cart page.

Cannot Find Your Quick Coupling?

The quick couplings list on this website are that we started to sell in U.S market through for years, and we find there are lots of personal user will need them. If you cannot find the quick coupling you request here, you can just contact us. or Later we will have a website directly for Business customers. As a manufacturer, our main business is still for the business customers. If you any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.