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Quick disconnect couplings are used in many industries and are designed to allow quick and easy connection, disconnection, and changeover of pipes with a constant diameter. Quick disconnect couplings can be used on water or gas pipelines, oil or petroleum pipelines, power-plant piping systems, and more. The ability for quick coupling connections to be disconnected without the use of tools enables technicians to quickly replace damaged parts in the field without disrupting operations.

Ningbo AKJia Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a leading hydraulic quick coupling manufacturer, factory, and supplier since 2000, which is an important industry for our whole group. We mainly produce ISO standard hydraulic quick couplings and custom hydraulic quick couplings. Hydraulic quick couplings usually have higher pressure requirements than pneumatic quick couplings, as well as different fluid materials, which require different body materials and sealing materials. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing.

We are a direct supplier to many equipment manufacturers and are also a replacement agent in the aftermarket. Most ISO standard quick release couplings are interchangeable, so our products are also used as replacement parts for many machines.

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We produce and supply hydraulic quick couplings

Hydraulic quick couplings are devices that allow fast and easy connection between two hydraulic hoses. They are often used in applications where the equipment being serviced may not be easily accessible or space is limited. Quick couplings also allow for quicker disconnection of the hydraulic hose from a piece of equipment, which is handy when someone needs to quickly change out a tool or service an area. Hydraulic quick couplings come in many different sizes and styles, so it’s important to choose one that meets the needs of your particular application.

Ningbo AKJia Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and sales of hydraulic quick couplings for more than 20 years, with rich experience in hydraulic quick coupling manufacturing, sales, and support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy hydraulic quick couplings for your replacement?

Individual buyers purchase hydraulic quick release couplings, usually to replace the quick release couplings on your existing hydraulic equipment or hydraulic tools.

Some hydraulic quick-release couplings do not necessarily need to be replaced in their entirety. For example, if a universal quick-release coupling is connected, there is a leak at the coupling connection. Likely, the seal ring in the female body of the quick-release coupling is damaged. For those who are more manual, you can try to replace the seal ring. This can save a lot of money. At the request of some customers, we sell some seals in the corresponding product links. This helps customers save money.

If a hydraulic quick coupling needs to be replaced, we should try to use the same type of hydraulic quick coupling, which is interchangeable. To find interchangeable hydraulic quick release couplings, you need to know your existing quick release couplings first.

First of all, you can check the number of the existing quick-release coupling, you can find the international standard of the quick-release coupling through our website. Which brands or manufacturers’ models are interchangeable. If you can’t find the number of the quick coupling, you can contact us, take a photo of the quick coupling, and we will try to tell you the parameters of the quick coupling.

Another important point, you need to pay attention to the threads of the quick-release coupling. The thread is used to connect the tube, so when the thread is wrong, the quick coupling can not be connected. The threads used to connect hydraulic systems are usually pipe threads, but in some cases, metric threads, American fine threads, etc. are also used. There are many different types of threads, so it can be difficult for non-expert users to identify them.

In North America, NPT is used. In Europe, BSP is used, but that doesn’t exactly help you identify the threads. For this reason, manufacturers usually label their quick-connects with the type and size of the threads. If you don’t find it on the quick connect, you can use a thread gauge to determine it. But for non-expert users, this is still difficult. From time to time, we will make some NPT and BSP threads and send them to some customers who need them. The way to use them is very simple, just screw the corresponding threads into the threads of the quick coupling. If the threads fit perfectly, you can judge the corresponding threads.

What are the international standards for hydraulic quick couplings?

There are several major ISO standards for hydraulic quick-release couplings. ISO 7241 is divided into A and B series, which are often called ISO A and ISO B respectively. ISO 16028 is the standard for flat quick couplings, which mainly specifies the dimensions of flat quick couplings so that flat quick couplings conforming to the standard can be interchanged. Pressure, flow rate, and other data are only specified for carbon steel. ISO 5675 is an additional standard for agricultural and forestry machinery, based on the ISO 7241 A series, which specifies some dimensions of quick couplings for agricultural and forestry machinery.

How do I find interchangeable quick release couplings?

There are several ways to find the right replacement quick-release coupling for you. First, if the original fitting has a part number, you can use that number to find the specifications of the quick-release coupling. For example, the Parker FE series is a flat quick-release coupling that meets the ISO 16028 standard, so other brands of ISO 16028 compliant couplings are interchangeable. If you look at the Parker website, you can find the body size and threads for the part number. Then you can find the correct replacement part. Secondly, if you cannot find the item number on the quick coupling, the ball-lock type is usually ISO A or ISO B quick couplings, the flat face quick couplings are ISO 16028, then measure the key dimensions ( the dimension easy to measure and match the ISO dimensional requirements). Then you can find the correct item requirements. Let the customer support know through our email or online chat tools, we will let you know the correct quick coupling for replacement.

What threads for hydrualic quick couplings?

Selecting the correct thread is important when choosing a replacement hydraulic quick-release coupling. When a device has a leaking quick coupling, we need to replace the quick coupling. It is important that we choose the correct thread for the hydraulic pipe or equipment, otherwise, the newly purchased quick coupling will not connect to the pipe. Usually, the threads used for connection are pipe threads. Only in rare cases, metric threads are possible. It is important to note that the inside diameter of the control thread is not equal to the thread size. This is a common mistake made by non-specialists.


I had purchased these for my 40 HP compact tractor to replace the connectors I had on the third function in the front of the loader. They are efficient and quick and they work perfectly. This was my second purchase of these I had bought a dual set to start to get all my implements on the same connectors.

Chantelle Whitney

I build many projects requiring hydraulics parts and would highly recommend these quick couplers . I wish I had found this supplier earlier, most part stores in my area charge much more and have a smaller selection and a longer wait for orders of non stock items.I would definitely use this supplier again, great product.

John Bois

been using for about 25 hours so far on my tractor with skid steer attachment, disconnected/reconnected about a dozen times. Connect perfect to a Titan grapple that came with flat face connectors. have had no leaks or issues, don’t even spill a drop when disconnecting. very happy.


Promptly delivered as stated product was just as described and screwed right onto my lines and couple to my existing connectors. I build many projects requiring hydraulics parts and would highly recommend these quick couplers . I wish I had found this supplier earlier, most part stores in my area charge much more and have a smaller selection and a longer wait for orders of non stock items.I would definitely use this supplier again, great product.

average joe

Great product Arrived earlier than expected and works as expected


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The wholesaler is a new feature we have added, we have added permission for some retailers or e-commerce sellers. You can purchase our quick coupling products directly from our website at factory prices. And you can put your product number and brand on the product. To differentiate from individual buyers, we add a minimum order value of USD 300 for one order.  We planned to set a minimum order quantity for each product but one customer said it is not a good experience for a small business account. He requests to reach a minimum order value. We accept his suggestion.

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